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Drudge Report

Drudge Report is notable in that it is the only site appearing on this list that has absolutely zero terms of use or privacy policy that is accessible on the site. There is a link to a privacy policy but it goes nowhere. For viewers of the site this fact is probably easily explainable as I can't find anything on the site that would actually be considered original content. The blog layout that users are accustomed to is not just a stylistic choice, in fact, it appears that the site is simply just a collection of links and some advertisements. Still, #47 on the list means it gets mentioned here. The good thing about having no terms from a consumer perspective is that you could literally do anything on the website and plead with your accuser that you just didn't understand that it wasn't allowed, but that may not hold up with all activities!


Live look-in at Drudge Report editors...

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